Innovation and Paradigm Switch

Technology changes and does it very quickly. And this causes social changes in behavior, new habits ... We need new ways of communicating , sharing and collaborating, adapted to new social habits ... It is necessary willingness to change . You have to unlearn and relearn continuously otherwise you stay obsolete .

QlinkBox is an innovative platform that collects and integrates the latest technological changes and adapts to new habits and social paradigms of communication, sharing and collaboration.

And it is not only an innovative platform by itself, but also helps to foster innovation in companies that use it.

Although it is just a platform, a set of integrated tools . And as such, the use made of it will determine the benefit to be obtained . For a truly effective innovation in each of the companies that use QlinkBox, it requires the willingness to change, and the revision and adaptation of some processes and / or ways of working as well.

There have no much sense that a company have a blog , a profile on Twitter or Facebook if internally they have procedures anchored in the past and are not able to collaborate among different areas or departments.

If in a particular level people have taken advantage of and adapted to these changes in technology and acquired new social habits of communication , sharing and collaboration, companies where these people work must do it also. Not to be left behind in this technological progress and social communication, to take full advantage of it and become more competitive in an increasingly demanding and selective environment .

Internal Communication - Enterprise Social Network

Communication has become social . Companies have to adapt to this new, social and changing environment , and they must do now. They can not miss this opportunity to communicate and share information and knowledge effectively with employees and enabling them get involved, listen to them and know what they think.

Currently intranets are generally unidirectional, someone posts something and, hopefully, the others read it. Well, imagine being able to share files, paperworks, proposals, ideas and able to comment, as in social networks. And also have access to all things which are always placed on the intranet: requests for vacation, rooms booking , timesheets ...

We need a new way of thinking and doing in business communication , not only to facilitating internal communication, but enables and encourages the participation and contribution of employees, capturing their thoughts and ideas, strengthening the sense of community group and gaining an increased commitment .

And new and specific tools are needed to help to achieve it ... QlinkBox .


Every time there are more specialists in different areas of business. Companies are looking for the best, although to take full advantatge of them, they must work and collaborate together.

In any project , working on team flows creativity much better, the task performance , the interpersonal relationships and the personal growth . The benefits of teamwork are many, so more and more companies encourage it in all areas. Multidisciplinary teams, Inter-area or crossdepartments, with the best specialists from different countries, wherever be its location.

To achieve it collaborative tools are needed to help improve the productivity and efficiency of teams. Adapted tools to new social habits and behaviors ... QlinkBox .

Social Media

Communication between businesses and consumers is also changing a lot. It has become social .

These changes involve a new set of rules. Consumers go on to play a key role, being active agents rather than passive : communicating their experiences to manufacturers as well as rest of consumers (complaints, praises, comments ... ) with an expansive viral effect.

Companies must adapt to this change, to this new changing and social environment, and must do it to not fall behind in communication and interaction with consumers. They should take advantage of this new channel of direct communication between companies and consumers.

For this, and although slowly, more and more companies begin to perceive this situation and encourage their employees to understand and participate in online conversations on social networks.

We need a new way of thinking and doing in business communication ( for the outside of the company), to add value and build consumer confidence.

We need new ways to manage, know and react to what is said in the networks , both in-company and in the competition . New ways to listen , understand and work with customers and consumers.
And for this we also need new specific tools helping to do it ... Qlinkbox .

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