Enables the company to communicate with its employees, and each employee communicate, share and collaborate with everyone you work with, whether internal or external to the company.

One of the main keys to the proper functioning of enterprises lies in the efficient and effective communication , sharing information and knowledge, and collaboration both internally between the company and workers or between inner work teams, and also externally with partners, customers and suppliers.

QlinkBox is an ideal platform for this aim because it integrates a set of tools designed to facilitate business communication, sharing information and collaboration among teams, regardless where they are located.

Furthermore, the platform is structured around groups representing teamworks or collaboration teams , organized by departments or by projects or by specific needs. So you can communicate and share information in a straightforward manner , and confidential , with so many people as necessary, whether of the company or from outside.

In the current context , in which we have more information than we are able to assimilate and control , and in which there are also various sources to access it, QlinkBox enables us to organize all the relevant information, such individually as in group, so each day we have it on hand in order to access it quickly and easily , without wasting time going to look for. And not only enables us to obtain the information , we can also share it with our colleagues and partners.

Additionally, with QlinkBox you will manage different social networks, grasped as direct communication channels with customers and consumers, both to perform and follow the actions at Social Media as for getting feedback from customers and consumers ( What do they want ? What are their tastes or preferences? and what are their complaints?), even from own company or the competition.

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