What are the Modules


QlinkBox is the online platform that integrates on an unique screen all the tools that any company should miss.

QlinkBox optimizes time and resources by centralizing internal and external communication, management and monitoring and sharing the most useful information for your company.


Corporate Social Network
Communication and fluidity

QlinkBox allows internal and external contact with efficiency and simplicity.
The users will be able to access into a central wall, which will let them to:

  • Share conversations without need to send massive posts.
  • Hang online files and publish links or news of interest for the group.
  • Communicate with a video conferencing or chat.
  • Control by means of calendars the different corporate actions.
  • Organize the information around groups of work or projects.

And all of this will benefit the dynamic of collaboration in his company.


Management of online Reputation
Information to the detail

With QlinkBox a major social network productivity and potential will be assumable for your company. Thanks to this tool with little more than a click will be able to:

  • From a single screen, manage the social networks of the company or those from external members.
  • Do the follow-up of the competing rivals and his communicative actions.
  • Place alarms to control all the comments about your company or the competing ones.
  • Schedule the publication of as much posts as it is required.
  • Control the follow-up and the results obtained of the different social actions that have been launched in the platform.


Collaborative work
The space without barriers

QlinkBox enables to gather or collaborate, at any time, with users of the entire world and also will be able to:

  • Control the projects and the information derived, with an intuitive and centralized device.
  • Invite to external people (customers, contributors) to share the information of group and be part of it.
  • Mark important dates or calendarise different phases of the project, to share it among the users who manage it.
  • Share with different groups of work in a centralized wall free to:
    • Communicate with the whole group or any of his members,
    • Share the files of work with his up to date versions.
    • Follow the project and without a constant and long exchange of information.

QlinkBox is ensured the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year


QlinkBox offers an additional tool to meet even the most specific bussiness needs.

The additional features of these modules are also integrated into the QlinkBox interface, extending its services without any difficulty. You can only apply from the extended version.




Innovation and adaptability

Room booking

Based on a common & shared calendar, this tool allows optimal management of the assignment and rental of spaces and polyvalent rooms for any type group.

The administration of this module can be independent of the management of the QlinkBox account where you are. There is also access for external users to specifically use to this module without logging in.


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From the 'Reports' tab, this module allows to follow with detail all the data generated by the management of social networking associated with the QlinkBox account. And all the information is presented with intuitive graphics.

Besides, in the group configuration, you can also schedule automatic delivery of these reports (complete or partial) to the email accounts you desire


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Our service count with strict measures of security
QlinkBox works in servers devoted and stressed, with daily backups and firewalls.
The application web works with model *SAAS that hires annually for numeral of licenses (a license for user). Also they can do special adaptations to include personalization of the interface, development of personalized d’APIs, individual reports, as well as the integration with other business systems (ERP, CRM...)

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