Reliability, stability, performance, scalability and security, all of them in terms of hardware, design and coding . Operation secured 24 hours a day.

QlinkBox is offered as SaaS service (Software as a Service), with all the benefits that entails because it sets companies free from such a big number of problems inherent in computer applications: availability, reliability, stability, performance, scalability , backups and other issues related to technology infrastructure.

Furthermore, this model enables every time any improvement or news features are implemented they are available instantly to all users with no extra cost .

Cloud technology ensures accessibility to the system from any location by online access, and offers availability 24 hours a day, every day of the year without interruption.

From a point of view of data we submit optimal security and communication protocols and make daily backups to ensure you do not miss important information for customers.

From the point of view of the application, we work separately for each company, with different groups and user profiles, and on each group can only do what is defined as necessary avoiding be published on external networks unless have the appropriate profile or that could interfere in internal communications of other teams.

Besides, QlinkBox is able to manage different social media profiles, and you do not need give the acces login credentials to any member of the company.

The application is developed by QlinkBox team, hardly use third-party components , which both design and coding are under the standards needed to ensure the quality of the application.

QlinkBox is a multi – language platform , currently available in Spanish , English and Catalan.

QlinkBox works with a flexible licensing model, fits user features and space to each company needs, with different patterns of use that can be changed instantly and at any time.

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